Drone assassination news

This video from Britain says about itself:

6 November 2013

Jemima Khan, interviewed on Channel 4 News, says Barack Obama has replaced a policy of detention without trial with his policy of assassination without trial. Using drone warfare, Obama has launched over 300 attacks in Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia and elsewhere, killing over 3000 innocent civilians.

US government targeted second American citizen for assassination: here.

A front-page article in last Friday’s Australian reported that, for the first time, an Australian citizen—Mostafa Farag—had been placed on the Obama administration’s “kill list” for assassination by drone attack. The lack of any response, let alone criticism, from any section of the Australian political and media establishment underscores not only its support for Washington’s criminal actions but its contempt for democratic rights at home: here.

It looks like there is a double standard: fanatical Muslim preachers have a good chance of landing on a drone assassination list. Meanwhile, fundamentalist Christian ‘Reverend’ ‘Tea Party‘ preachers can preach about killing President Obama and killing gay people, without spending a single minute in jail or paying a one dollar cent fine. ‘Free speech’ for some United States (and Australian) citizens, not for others …

USA: Republican candidates defend killing civilians to fight terrorism – and so do Democrats. There’s a bipartisan effort to justify the killing of civilians in the “war on terrorism”: here.

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