Teal mating season and spoonbills

This is a spoonbill video, from the Basque country in Spain.

12 April 2015. Again, to where I once saw Baillon’s crakes. Today, not far from the entrance, I see two spoonbills. They are searching for food in the shallow water.

Canada geese. Grey lag geese, many already with goslings.

Two great cormorants sit on the windmill’s sails.

About eighty black-tailed godwits fly around, calling. Then, they land. Their numbers here are lower than earlier in spring. Quite some have already migrated on to their nesting sites.

On the northern lake, shoveler duck groups swimming.

In the eastern part of the northern lake, scores of teal. You can see it is mating season for them. You can hear their whistling calls; softer than wigeons‘ calls.

A hare runs across the northern meadow.

White wagtails and northern lapwings there as well.

On the north side of the canal, two oystercatchers on a lawn.

A greenfinch sings.

On an islet in the northern lake: a little ringed plover.

As we leave, a redshank calls.

26 thoughts on “Teal mating season and spoonbills

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