World Social Forum in Tunisia

This 2012 video, recorded in Zagreb, Croatia, is called Bernard Cassen – The History of the World Social Forum.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Tunis hosts World Social Forum

Tuesday 24th March 2015

CRITICS of globalisation gathered in Tunis yesterday for the 13th World Social Forum, the annual anti-capitalist event which begins today.

At least 70,000 delegates, representing more than 4,000 mass movements and organisations from 128 countries, will participate in the five-day event.

It was originally conceived as a counterweight to the Davos World Economic Forum, where political bosses and business elites meet to carve up the world.

This year marks the second time Tunisia has hosted the gathering.

The event brings together youth, trade unions, environmental and peace associations, as well as various communities from across the globe.

The gathering gives groups space to develop new ideas to fight for a fairer world and put forward alternative ideas for a better society based on the principles of equality, reciprocity and solidarity.

Over 1,000 workshops will discuss a huge variety of issues.

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