British nuclear weapons cost a lot

This video from Britain is called BAE‘s Prostitutes and Saudi Arabia.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

CND-slams-insulting-plans-to-pay-out-285m on Trident

Friday 13th March 2015

CON-DEM plans to splash £285 million on Trident were slammed by CND yesterday as “an insult to those suffering from £300m cuts to legal aid.”

The Ministry of Defence announced on Wednesday it would pay BAE Systems £257m for design work on new nuclear-armed submarines, while Babcock and Rolls-Royce would receive £22m and £6m respectively for work on the submarines’ nuclear reactors.

But only on Tuesday the Commons justice committee warned that a third of domestic violence victims would be denied legal aid following huge spending cuts.

CND general secretary Kate Hudson described the splurge as a “stark barometer” of the government’s priorities.

“It’s boom time for the makers of nuclear weapons — while some of the most vulnerable in our society are left suffering by the wayside.

“David Cameron is content to spend billions in order to strut on the world stage with a cold-war weapon and an inflated sense of importance while forcing those who are most in need to pay for it.”

8 thoughts on “British nuclear weapons cost a lot

  1. This is an all too fimililar picture these days in the UK. Our MP’s are too involved in thebcorpoate giants and all policy is determined by their need, is sickening. I just hope people use their head and vvote well in may


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