Bahrain opposition thanks singer John Legend

This music video from the USA is called Common, John Legend – Glory.

From the site of Al Wefaq in Bahrain:

Bahrain opposition thanks Legend for his support to freedom and justice

The National Democratic Opposition in Bahrain thanks and appreciates the international star John Legend for declaring support to the democratic and just demands of the people of Bahrain on March 2nd at the Arad Castle theater.

Legend had played an influential role in advocating the culture of freedom and tolerance through the art of music.

The words spoken by Legend before his audience in Bahrain reflected his civilized thoughts about humanitarian issues regardless of sex, race, color or belief. The opposition commends Legend’s call and prayer ”for the people of Bahrain. And for those who stand for justice, accountability, freedom of expression, freedom of peaceful assembly, freedom to organize without fear of retribution, please know that I stand with you”. The Bahraini opposition will continue its movement to achieve the humanitarian values it shares with Legend, wishing him more success in his support to rights and freedoms for all.

The opposition also takes the opportunity to urge the Bahraini Authorities to engage in the establishment of a culture of human rights and tolerance to prevent hate.

The National Democratic Opposition – Manama, 4 March 2015

This video is called Bahrain : Opposition demand to be truly represented through truly elected government.

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