British Labour leaders pro-Trident nuclear weapons, many candidates against

This 16 September 2015 video from Britain is called Jeremy Corbyn on TTIP, Trident and the NHS.

Another video from Britain used to say about itself:

NHS not Trident / CND and Katharine Hamnett CBE

15 January 2015

Katharine Hamnett CBE talks to Kate Hudson, chair of CND, about public money being wasted on the Trident nuclear submarine system in the UK.

By Luke James in Britain:

Labour candidates oppose new Trident

Wednesday 4th March 2015

Two-thirds want end to £100bn nuclear waste

Trident renewal is strongly opposed by three-quarters of Labour’s general election ­candidates, a poll revealed yesterday.

A representative survey by CND of the party’s candidates, including sitting MPs, showed 75 per cent are against wasting £100 billion on new nuclear weapons.

And that rises to 80 per cent among candidates standing in Labour’s 106 target seats and most likely to be elected to Parliament on May 7.

Just 18 per cent of the party’s prospective MPs said they plan to vote for the system’s renewal in 2016.

CND general secretary Kate Hudson said: “It’s no surprise that, when faced with the debilitating cuts to the NHS and other public services, the majority of public opinion is against wasting £100bn on a cold-war weapons system.

“The fact that three-quarters of Labour’s parliamentary candidates have said they’d vote against Trident replacement shows them to be more in step with public opinion than the party’s leadership.”

A BBC survey of would-be MPs published to coincide with Labour conference showed more than half supported scrapping Trident.

And the latest poll provides further proof of growing opposition to Trident among the new crop of Labour candidates.

Richard Burgon, who is standing in Leeds East, was one of the 79 candidates who responded to the survey.

Current Labour MP for Leeds East George Mudie voted to retain Trident in 2007.

But Mr Burgon said: “I oppose the replacement of Trident and support a global ban on nuclear weapons.

“Opposing the replacement of Trident is not only right as part of a practical strategy to create a safer world — it will also save the British government £100bn which should be spent on hospitals, schools and job creation.”

The Star reported how shadow defence secretary Vernon Coaker vowed to maintain Britain’s nuclear submarine fleet in a debate on Trident in January. Its supporters were accused of ramping up cold-war rhetoric to justify spending on the system.

Ms Hudson pointed out yesterday that Trident would do nothing to keep Britain safe from terrorism, cyber warfare or natural disasters caused by climate change.

She said: “It’s high time the Labour Party’s leadership recognised that and made the historic and progressive choice to get rid of the lot.”

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