Human rights violations in Azerbaijan

This 3 March 2015 video is about Ms Dinara Yunus, now living in the Netherlands, born in Azerbaijan.

She tells about her parents, human rights activists Leyla Yunus and Arif Yunus. They were arrested last year by the Azeri regime and are still in jail.

Here is a petition by amnesty International, demanding freedom for all political prisoners in Azerbaijan.

The future is black for free expression and civil society advocates in Azerbaijan: Dunja Mijatović: here.

People in Azerbaijan demonstrate against dictatorship

Azerbaijan: Support jailed journalists and human rights defenders: here.

See also here.

A top Formula 1 official says the Azerbaijani Grand Prix is on track to take place next year despite international criticism of Baku‘s human rights record: here.

Families living in poverty in the shadow of Azerbaijan’s luxury sports stadiums: here.

From daily The Guardian in Britain:

Azerbaijan bans Guardian from reporting on Baku European Games

• Government denies Guardian journalist entry to country
• Other media outlets and human rights activists also banned
• ‘Repression making Games historic for wrong reasons’ – Human Rights Watch

13 thoughts on “Human rights violations in Azerbaijan

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