Dutch Minister Dijsselbloem and Greece in Delft, 6 March

This video says about itself:

Austerity Suicides: Desperate Greeks ‘don’t want to die, they want to kill pain’

6 May 2014

Today, austerity and suicide go hand in hand in Greece. One study directly links most suicides in 2009 and 2010 to the budget cuts, saying over five hundred Greek men have taken their lives in this period. That’s an average of almost one person per day. The country used to have the lowest rate in Europe – but that number spiraled when the economy crashed. Marina Kosareva spoke to some of those who’ve been driven close to the edge.

From Facebook:

Solidarity meets Dijsselbloem at TU Delft | 6/3/2015

Mr. Jeroen René Victor Anton Dijsselbloem, Finance Minister of the Netherlands and Chairman of the Eurogroup is going to deliver a lecture at TU Delft on Friday the 6th of March at 16:00.

Having experienced the impacts of the crisis, both in Greece as well as in the Netherlands, we would like to present to Mr. Dijsselbloem as well as to the fellow students that will follow this lecture, some of the facts that do not reach mainstream media.

The crisis and its management by Greek and European governments, European and international institutions has, over the last 5 years, has led the largest part of the Greek population to face poverty conditions. intensified inequalities and the redistribution of wealth through the application of austerity policies. These policies have been proven unsuccessful even compared to their declared goals, such as: to make public debts viable, to increase the economy’s “competitiveness” and to save it from the exploitation by the established oligopolies and vested interests.

Mainstream media have presented – in the most insulting way – the population of a whole country as a being lazy, idle, corrupt and [ungrateful], forgetting to mention facts such as: the destination of the money of the European citizens, the extreme profits of the banks and states through the continuous lending, the violent neoliberal policies, the privatizations, the annihilation of labour rights, the reduction of pensions and salaries, the unreal horizontal taxation schemes, the slash in social funding (i.e. education, healthcare, social security), the firings in the public and private sector as well as many more.

It has been already proven that the dream of constant economic growth and consumerism drives to great economic inequality, social injustice, violation of fundamental rights, authoritarian governance and of course the brutal exploitation and depletion of natural resources. We believe that we have entered an era in which growth, either through austerity or growing demand will not be possible or sustainable.

Since behind any numbers, human stories hinder and

– Since we didn’t “eat” them all together (a famous phrase of a Greek politician in order to justify the level of corruption despite the fact he was into the government for many years)
– Since 1,25 million unemployed hinder friends, families and hundreds of thousands stories
– Since 4000 suicides during the austerity years hide 4000 tragedies
– Since hundreds of thousands of immigrants from Greece hinder all of us too
– and mainly since SOLIDARITY cannot be measured in economic terms

We are calling for a gathering full of humour and an attitude for pressure in order to show exactly what Jeroen represents: A Europe which sees only numbers, applies economic experiments in whichever state they target, neglecting with the most disgraceful way any consequences for all European societies and relations keeping as the only drive profit itself.

We want to show that not only we are not the ones exploiting whichever supposed European financial support, which doesn’t positively affect the majority of the Greek society but on the contrary, we are all citizens of a different Europe, based on values such as peace, freedom, respect and solidarity.

Against a system based on social division and individualism, productivity and money based economy, we counter propose cooperation, exchange and collective action. Towards a Europe which respects its societies and its the timeless values, human rights and the environment.

GREECE sent its eurozone partners an augmented list of proposed reforms today, but EU officials promptly knocked it back: here.

After the Syriza-led government’s decision to sign the February 20 Eurogroup statement and capitulate to European Union (EU) demands for more austerity in Greece, EU officials are stepping up their threats against the country: here.

Britain: SPEAKERS from across the left condemned austerity as a political project aiming at shoring up the profits of the super rich at the Morning Star spring conference yesterday: here.

9 thoughts on “Dutch Minister Dijsselbloem and Greece in Delft, 6 March

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  2. The arrogant outcry of many anti-euro people about a “great betrayal” concerning to the agreement signed by Tsipras government is irritating and risible.

    They just take as valid the narration of pro-euro mass media which in their turn repeat and amplify the German version, that is intended to prove that the Greek government signed the terms of unilateral surrender. But it is not just that! It’s evident that they are so much blind with their conceit to point the finger at the victims and not at the torturers. The moral of the story is that, in their opinion, Euro-Germany scored a massive victory and, furthermore, the Greek matter would be closed, deleted.

    I don’t think that the SYRIZA leaders, although they support Europeanism (we have to remember that the old SYNASPISMOS, the actual executive core of SYRIZA , in 1992 voted the Maastricht Treaty) can exclude to take the possibility of a breaking-off with of the Eurozone into account.

    They hoped they could break up the Euro-German bloc but on the contrary they were cornered and found themselves isolated. They aimed at “changing Europe “ but their plan were proved to be ambitious and even impossible. Only a fool could think that from now to August the relationships inside European Union can change. They will not change. If those “staunch Europeanist” have ears, let them hear.

    So what sort of “B plan” do Tsipras and Varoufakys have?

    by Moreno Pasquinelli



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  4. Uit de oude doos – De racistische ideeën van Jeroen Dijsselbloem over alleenstaande zwarte moeders

    Dijsselbloem wil namelijk “opvoedingsondersteuning” voor zwarte alleenstaande ouders die geen grip hebben op hun kinderen, en voor wie seksualiteit een groot taboe zou zijn. Volgens hem komen er in de grote steden steeds meer van dit soort gezinnen. “De straatcultuur neemt het dan helemaal over van de thuiscultuur”, meent Dijsselbloem. “We moeten moeders leren hun kinderen op te voeden, leren wat goed en fout is. We moeten jongeren leren wat wel en niet mag.” Overheidsdwang zou noodzakelijk zijn om te voorkomen dat jongeren crimineel worden. Dijsselbloems uitgangspunt dat eenoudergezinnen niet functioneren is bijzonder conservatief. Voor hem blijven burgerlijke standaardgezinnen met twee ouders kennelijk het ideaal en de norm. Maar zulke gezinnen vormen zeker geen garantie voor een goede opvoeding. Dat tonen alleen de cijfers rond huiselijk en seksueel geweld al aan. Het aantal aanwezige ouders zegt simpelweg niets over opvoeding en geluk binnen gezinnen. Daarnaast plaatst Dijsselbloems redeneren dat juist zwarte families niet zouden functioneren, zonder de sociaal-economische omstandigheden erbij te betrekken, hem in een lange paternalistische, racistische en koloniale traditie. Hij zegt zijn inspiratie te halen uit de sociaal-democratische politiek van de jaren 20 en 30 van de vorige eeuw. “Paternalisme is geen vies woord en is helemaal niet slecht. Vroeger spraken ze over de “zuigende schoorstenen”, in organisaties en clubs werden mensen met lage opleidingen gestimuleerd en gevoed door mensen met hoge opleidingen. Dit is helaas verdwenen.” Helaas? In de jaren 60 en 70 hebben “mensen met lage opleidingen” volkomen terecht het paternalistische, zelfingenomen en arrogante waanidee van een hogere moraal bij “mensen met hoge opleidingen” doorgeprikt.

    Jan Tas in Seks, drugs en racistische aanvallen op videoclips (Gebladerte)

    Bron: Doorbraak 18-07-2015


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