Seeing otters in Scotland

This video says about itself:

I did some filming of otters in Scotland, in the film you will see the male dog otter, and the female bitch otter at play.

From Wildlife Extra:

Guidance on spotting a European Otter issued by Scottish Wildlife Trust

The Scottish Wildlife Trust is challenging visitors to its Falls of Clyde Visitor Centre and Wildlife Reserve to spot one of the European Otters living in the area.

Recently the number of otter sightings on the reserve has increased, and the Trust has issued an otter-spotting checklist to help people identify when the animals are around.

On the checklist are:

The sound of cubs calling out to their mothers for food. This has been likened to a squeaky bike wheel. They will often be at the bank-side while their mother fishes.

The sight of five-toed footprints that are roughly 5-6cm long.

The sight and smell of otter droppings, known as ‘spraints’. These are usually left in prominent places as scented messages to other otters. They will contain fish bones and smell similar to jasmine tea.

The Scottish Wildlife Trust Falls of Clyde Ranger, Laura Preston, says: “The European Otter is one of Scotland’s most iconic species and one of Scottish Natural Heritage’s ‘Big Five’, alongside the Harbour Seal, Red Squirrel, Golden Eagle and Red Deer.

“Thanks to decades of conservation and better legislation, this playful mammal can be seen in rivers, streams and marshes across Scotland.

“The Scottish Wildlife Trust’s Falls of Clyde Visitor Centre and Wildlife Reserve is a great place to see otters and this year we have being seeing them more than ever.”

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