Innocent Nigerian civilians killed in ‘war on terror’

This 18 February 2015 video is called Around 30 Civilians Killed in Bombing of Nigeria Border Town.

The military, now active in northern Nigeria, seems to have learned the basic maxim of the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, etc. etc. well: ‘Kill first, think later’ [sarcasm off].

From News24 Nigeria:

Around 30 civilians killed in bombing of Nigeria border town, Bosso

18 February 2015, 17:04

Niamey – Around 30 civilians were killed when an unidentified airplane dropped a bomb on a Nigerian border village, military sources based nearby in Niger said on Wednesday.

Two military officials in the town of Bosso, where soldiers from Chad and Niger are massed in preparation for operations against Boko Haram, said the incident occurred in a village across the border in the Abadam area of Nigeria’s Borno State.

“We don’t know whose plane it was. We understand that the victims are residents who were gathered for a ceremony but who were mistaken for terrorists,” said a military source. “Around 30 people perished.”

A second military source in Bosso, which is around 20 km (12 miles) from the scene of the bombing, confirmed details of the incident.

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