35 thoughts on “Greece, Dijsselbloem, austerity and World War I

  1. German austerity dictate proves impossibility of “social Europe”

    The Brussels agreement to extend the EU programme for Greece means a humiliating defeat for the Syriza government. Their attempts to rally support within the union’s governments miserably failed. The German imposition uncompromisingly defending the narrow interests of the financial oligarchy prevailed bearing witness of the impossibility of a social turn within the power structures of the EU. Game over? We believe that there remains a possibility to thwart the EU’s starvation programme.

    But now it appears that Syriza got frightened by its own audacity. Some harsh words of the taskmaster of the creditors, Wolfgang Schäuble, were enough to corner them. For Syriza did not only promise to end the starvation dictate, but at the same time linked it inextricably with remaining within the eurozone. Varoufakis gambled with high stakes without securing the only possible trump in his hands – the active break with the capitalist elite, the self-steered exit from the eurozone. The current conjuncture would have offered a formidable occasion for a mass mobilisation backing such a historic decision.

    The possibility to end the starvation programme as promised by Syriza is still there. We strongly doubt that the popular masses as well as many political forces within Syriza and outside of it will accept that nothing should change. The people will continue to demand social improvements. Syriza cannot simply turn within a few days into a new Pasok. Syriza is more than the old Synaspismos guys who tie their fate to the EU. A broad front refusing the capitulation can be built addressing also large parts of Syriza. Maybe the only possibility is a kind of popular revolt against Synaspismos accompanied by an internal coup – to regain audacity!

    The central demands in the interest of the popular classes are: Exit from the euro – break with the capitalist centre.

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  2. Greek people must not accept new subjugation

    by MARS (Left Front Co-operation), Athens

    The SYRIZA-ANELL government succumbs to the demands of EU and paves the way for a new Memorandum

    The only road ahead is debt default, exiting the euro and confrontation with and disengagement from the EU. All the combatant forces of labour and of the Left must create a broad popular front for the defense of people’s rights and the confrontation with the EU and the disengagement from this reactionary slaughterhouse.

    full statement:



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  4. BRUSSELS (AP) — Greece’s creditors in the 19-country eurozone have approved a list of reforms Athens proposed to get a 4-month extension to its bailout, which would keep the country afloat.

    An encouraging initial reaction from the so-called institutions — the European Commission, European Central Bank and International Monetary Fund — was backed by the eurozone Tuesday. It now goes to some member nations for approval.

    “We therefore agreed to proceed with the national procedures with a view to reaching the final decision on the extension by up to four months,” a eurogroup statement said.

    Greece’s bailout program ends at the end of the month and without further support over the coming months, the country faces the possibility of going bankrupt, imposing capital controls and ditching the euro.


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