Italian colonial war in Libya, yet again?

This video is the film Lion of the Desert (1981). That film is about Italian dictator Mussolini’s colonial war in Libya.

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

Italy ready for military intervention in Libya

Today, 14:58

Italy wants to intervene militarily in Libya soon. Premier Renzi is just waiting for a UN resolution that allows him to send troops. Italians who are still in Libya are asked to leave the country. …

Developments in Libya are traditionally followed closely in Italy. In the first part of the 19th century, Libya was an Italian colony.

NOS TV does not seem to know Italian colonial history well. Libya was an Italian colony, not in ‘the first part of the 19th century’, but in the first part of the 20th century. It became a colony after bloody colonial war by the fascist generals of Italy’s ‘Duce’ Mussolini. About one third of Libyans were massacred.

Mr Renzi also does not seem to know Italian colonial history well. During the second world war, Italy lost Libya as a colony, and then World War II, as not even Adolf Hitler sending general Rommel to Libya was able to keep that African country under Italian colonial rule.

Mr Renzi also does not seem to know recent Italian neo-colonial history well. In 2011, Renzi’s predecessor Silvio Berlusconi along with his NATO allies fought a neo-colonial war, officially ‘about human rights’, in practice about oil, for regime change in Libya. That war led to the present bloody war in Libya, in which half of NATO’s 2011 Libyan allies are now allies of NATO allies Saudi Arabia and Egypt; and the other half are now allies of NATO allies Qatar and Turkey. The two sides kill each other, and mostly civilians. Before the NATO military intervention in Libya, there was no Al Qaeda there. Today, Al Qaeda and similar violent groups are spreading out from Libya to other countries. ISIS terrorists, even worse than Al Qaeda, have a strong presence in the ‘new’ Libya.

Is Mr Renzi really under the illusion that another neo-colonial war would have any better results than previous colonial and neo-colonial wars?

German army association demands massive armaments increase: here.

German President Gauck’s human rights imperialism: here.

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