British Iraq war cover-up continues

This video says about itself:

Iraq – 1 Million Dead

The price paid by the people of Iraq following the illegal invasion by US and “coalition” forces in 2003.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Craven elites give nothing

Thursday 5th February 2015

Sir John Chilcot is concerned not to “arouse false hopes” that his inquiry into Britain’s involvement in the invasion of Iraq will be published any time soon. His testimony before the Commons foreign affairs committee didn’t arouse any hopes that it will ever be published at all.

The Iraq war inquiry was established in 2009 and heard its last public witness exactly four years ago. Since then, Chilcot told MPs, two major factors have inhibited publication in addition to the routine difficulties that any substantial exercise of this kind might encounter.

First, the previous Cabinet secretary Lord Gus O’Donnell asserted his prerogative not to allow publication of — or even specific references to — classified documents such as correspondence and transcripts of meetings between former prime minister Tony Blair and ex-US president George W Bush.

There can be little doubt by now that they will confirm Blair’s determination to follow Bush into battle, whatever lies and forgeries might be required to turn around anti-war public opinion in Britain.

After prolonged argument and negotiation, O’Donnell’s successor Sir Jeremy Heywood conceded the inclusion of approved extracts, summaries and references in Chilcot’s draft report, which was eventually completed around summer last year.

But why should Cabinet secretaries be empowered to wield this veto in the first place? The people in whose name wars are waged have an overriding right to know why their rulers launched an invasion that has devastated millions of lives. If US inquiries into the activities of Richard Nixon, Oliver North and the CIA can publish every official document and tape recording without fear or favour, why not here?

Then arose Chilcot’s second obstacle course. From September 2014, in a process known as “Maxwellisation,” everyone criticised in his report was sent a copy of the relevant text and invited to respond.

Purportedly in the interests of “fair play,” this has been standard procedure in official inquiries since the Blair government’s 2005 Inquiries Act. Three decades previously, a judge had accused a government report of committing the “business murder” of Sir Robert Maxwell by describing the late press baron as “unfit to hold the stewardship of a public company.”

Far from being unfair, of course, we now know that that verdict was a gross understatement. Maxwell was a crook, liar and thief of epic proportions, as 12,000 Mirror Group pensioners found to their cost.

After his death in 1991, it took another government inquiry eight years to produce a report on Maxwell’s business dealings. Most of the named City bankers, advisers and board executives who enabled or allowed colossal fraud to take place were never subsequently prosecuted or demoted in any way.

It was not felt necessary to give those craven or corrupt courtiers back then a preview of that report. Why should those named in Sir John’s report enjoy that privilege today?

If our trusty knight and his doughty team have done their homework as thoroughly as time has undoubtedly allowed, and having made full use of their facility to recall witnesses for re-examination, they should have enough confidence in their findings to publish them without further delay.

We can then see whether this third inquiry into aspects of the Iraq war similarly prevaricates and obfuscates in order to absolve fellow Establishment figures of full and direct responsibility for serious criminal behaviour.

Chilcot’s remarks yesterday confirm that we should expect nothing other from our duplicitous and corrupt ruling class. That’s how Britain’s system of inquiries and commissions usually works.

USA: BRIAN WILLIAMS RECANTS IRAQ WAR STORY “‘NBC Nightly News’ anchor Brian Williams said Wednesday that he had not been aboard a helicopter that was struck and forced down in Iraq in 2003, as he has previously claimed. Williams recanted his original story to Stars and Stripes, telling the military paper that he doesn’t know ‘what screwed up in my mind that caused me to conflate one aircraft with another.'” [HuffPost]

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