Bahrain dictatorship censors even Saudi royal owned media

This 2011 video from the USA is called Bahrain government’s media censorship of tortured protesters.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

New Bahrain TV channel al-Arab off air after interviewing opposition grandee

Tuesday 3rd February 2015

A NEW news channel backed by a billionaire Saudi prince stopped broadcasting from Bahrain yesterday just hours after going on air with an interview with a prominent opposition activist.

The al-Arab television station claimed on Twitter that it halted coverage for “technical and administrative reasons” and hoped to be back on the air soon. It only went live on Sunday afternoon.

The unexpected stoppage, apparently on the order of Bahraini authorities, came just hours after the pan-Arab station surprised many viewers by featuring Bahraini opposition activist Khalil al-Marzooq among its first guests.

Bahrain’s Information Affairs Authority media director Yusuf Mohammed said that the channel would resume broadcasting once necessary procedures were completed but did not give further details.

Former deputy parliamentary speaker Mr Marzooq is a senior member of al-Wefaq, the country’s main Shi’ite political bloc.

He was cleared of allegations of instigating violence and having links to a protest faction that authorities blame for bombings and other attacks last year.

Mr Marzooq’s interview featured discussion on Bahrain’s decision Saturday to revoke the citizenship of 72 people, including several leading Shi’ite activists.

Bahrain has faced four years of instability following widespread anti-government protests in February 2011 that were dominated by the country’s Shi’ite majority, which seeks greater political rights from the Western-backed Sunni monarchy.

Al-Arab general manager Jamal Khashoggi told reporters in December that the network would “cover all views” and would not shy away from sensitive Bahraini topics.

See also here.

Al-Arab, which was removed from the airwaves after broadcasting an interview with a Bahraini opposition leader, will not return to Manama: here.

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