Chilean poet Pablo Neruda’s hummingbird poems

This video is called Documentary on the Secrets of Hummingbirds.


This is the Pablo Neruda hummingbird poem.

The famous poet Pablo Neruda wrote this beautiful poem……….

Ode to the Hummingbird

The hummingbird
in flight
is a water-spark,
an incandescent drip
of American
the jungle’s
flaming resume,
a heavenly,
the hummingbird is
an arc,
a golden
a green

you hover
in the air,
you are
a body of pollen,
a feather
or hot coal,
I ask you:
What is your substance?
Perhaps during the blind age
of the Deluge,
within fertility’s
when the rose
in an anthracite fist,
and metals matriculated
each one in
a secret gallery
perhaps then
from a wounded reptile
some fragment rolled
a golden atom,
the last cosmic scale,
a drop of terrestrial fire
took flight,
suspending your splendor,
your iridescent,
swift sapphire.

You doze
on a nut,
fit into a diminutive blossom;
you are an arrow,
a pattern,
a coat-of-arms,
honey’s vibrato, pollen’s ray;
you are so stouthearted–
the falcon
with his black plumage
does not daunt you:
you pirouette,
a light within the light,
air within the air.
Wrapped in your wings,
you penetrate the sheath
of a quivering flower,
not fearing
that her nuptial honey
may take off your head!

From scarlet to dusty gold,
to yellow flames,
to the rare
ashen emerald,
to the orange and black velvet
of our girdle gilded by sunflowers,
to the sketch
amber thorns,
your Epiphany,
little supreme being,
you are a miracle,
from torrid California
to Patagonia‘s whistling,
bitter wind.
You are a sun-seed,
a miniature
in flight,
a petal of silenced nations,
a syllable
of buried blood,
a feather
of an ancient heart,

The Spanish text of another hummingbird poem by Neruda is here.

This video shows that poem, Picaflor II.

This video, in Spanish, is about these Neruda poems:

1.El vuelo (Pablo Neruda) *recita Pablo Neruda
2.El tordo (Pablo Neruda – Ángel Parra) – 3:52
3.El picaflor [El colibrí] (Pablo Neruda – Ángel Parra) – 6:36
4.El pidén (Pablo Neruda – Ángel Parra) – 8:37
5.La golondrina (Pablo Neruda – Ángel Parra) -10:22
6.El cóndor (Pablo Neruda – Ángel Parra) – 12:47
7.El poeta se despide de los pájaros (Pablo Neruda) *recita Pablo Neruda – 15:47

A Robert Frost Hummingbird Poem: here.

More hummingbird poems from the USA: here.

12 thoughts on “Chilean poet Pablo Neruda’s hummingbird poems

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  3. Neruda reburial put off for tests

    Chile: The body of Nobel Prize-winning poet Pablo Neruda will not be reburied this week as planned, the judiciary press office said on Monday.

    Plans to reinter the lifelong communist, who was exhumed in 2013, at his home in the coastal town of Isla Negra were suspended after family members asked for more tests to determine the cause of his death.

    He died shortly after the US-supported 1973 military coup that overthrew socialist president Salvador Allende’s government.


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