No to nuclear weapons in Scotland, or in Wales

This video from England says about itself:

The whole scarf rolled out! Wool Against Weapons

10 August 2014

This film captures the 7 miles of the scarf from Burghfield to Aldermaston on 9/08/14 before everyone held it up at 1.00pm. You can see the other films soon and more films in coming days here.

Yarn Bomb, not real Bombs! Wool Against Weapons is an anti war grassroots campaign to draw attention to the Governments proposed £120bn spend to renew Trident. Thousands of knitters have been joining in from all over the world, in what has been a truly international effort to produce over 11,000 meters of scarf. The project has been led by Stroud’s Jaine Rose and saw the unrolling of the scarf between AWE Aldermaston and AWE Burghfield on August 9th 2014. The scarf will now be repurposed into blankets which will be used for humanitarian aid, including projects in Tanzania, Uganda, Syria, and the U.K.

Wool Against Weapons is supported by CND, Action AWE and Lush Campaigns. You can see more here.

By Kate Hudson, General Secretary of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) in Britain, today:

When First Minister of Wales Carwyn Jones first commented that Britain’s nuclear-armed submarines would be “more than welcome” in Wales if they were kicked out of Scotland he was met with derision by the people of Wales and across Britain.

Jones quickly backpeddled, describing the statement as “entirely academic” when he realised not only the strength of Welsh opposition to nuclear weapons, but also that his economic case for “welcoming” Trident had more holes than Swiss cheese.

The job losses entailed in closing down facilities in Milford Haven to make way for Trident would far outstrip the jobs brought to the country.

The Ministry of Defence knows this full well, but apparently it’s now reviewing its own homework to try to find a different answer.

People in Wales and across Britain don’t want £100 billion poured into the black hole of nuclear weapons spending.

7 thoughts on “No to nuclear weapons in Scotland, or in Wales

  1. On February 4 CND will be presenting a letter to Downing Street on the opening day of the meeting of the permanent five members of the UN security council in preparation for the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Review Conference in New York in May.

    It’s not complicated. When the existing nuclear weapons states signed up to the Non-Proliferation Treaty, there were two fundamental requirements — that non-nuclear states would not acquire nuclear weapons and that the existing holders would not export weapons technology and would take steps toward their own disarmament.

    The evidence is overwhelming that any nuclear explosion anywhere in the world would set off a chain reaction of environmental and food supply disasters that would affect the whole planet.

    The demand is that the permanent five take a lead and that Britain in particular rejects the replacement of Trident.

    The other issue that must be addressed is the lack of progress on establishing a WMD-free zone in the Middle East, which would require Israel to negotiate with neighbouring states.

    The danger is obvious. If these negotiations and this conference do not take place it could set off a terrifying arms race in the most unstable part of the world.


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