Egyptian military regime kills woman for demonstrating

This Associated Press video from Egypt is about women protesting in Tahrir Square Against the successors of Hosni Mubarak, until February 2011 dictator.

It says about itself:

Women stage protest to express anger against ruling military council

(26 Nov 2011) SHOTLIST

1. Aerial of protest in Tahrir Square

2. Banner reading (Arabic) “Military rulers step down”

3. Various of women protesting, chanting

4. SOUNDBITE: (Arabic) vox pop, Maryam Abdulaziz, protester:

“We want the military council to leave. It is enough, they should go back to their barracks. We want Egypt to be a civilian state, we will rule it, not the military. They ruled it for a long time and during their rule they oppressed and humiliated us.”

5. Pan left of women protesting


Egyptian women gathered in Cairo’s central Tahrir Square on Saturday to express their anger against the ruling military council and demand a handover of power to a civilian-elected government, as tensions rose two days ahead of parliamentary elections.

Women’s participation in the Egyptian revolution has had a vital role in changing the regime of former President Hosni Mubarak and is continuing in the current protests that are taking place in Tahrir Square.

One of the women attending the protest, Maryam Abdulaziz, called on the military to step down in favour of a civilian government.

“We want the military council to leave. It is enough, they should go back to their barracks. We want Egypt to be a civilian state, we will rule it, not the military, they ruled it for a long time and during their rule they oppressed and humiliated us,” Abdulaziz said.

The protest came as Egyptian security forces clashed with protesters camped outside the Cabinet building, leaving one man dead.

The violence occurred as a wave of protests against military rule was given extra impetus by the Egyptian military’s decision on Friday to appoint as Prime Minister Kamal el-Ganzouri who served under Mubarak.

Protesters have been massed again on Tahrir Square for more than a week.

On Friday, more than 100,000 demonstrators packed into the square in the biggest rally since the current unrest began.

They rejected el-Ganzouri’s appointment and presented an alternative.

Twenty-four protest groups, including two political parties, have announced they are creating their own “national salvation” government to be headed by Nobel Peace laureate Mohamed ElBaradei with deputies from across the political spectrum to which they demanded the military hand over power.

From Daily News Egypt:

Woman allegedly shot dead near Tahrir Square

Amira El-Fekki

January 24, 2015

Socialist Popular Alliance says party member died in ‘brutally dispersed’ protest

Shaimaa El Sabbagh, a 31-year-old member of the Socialist Popular Alliance was killed Saturday near Tahrir Square after being shot by security forces, the group claimed.

Confirming her death in statements to Daily News, a member of the alliance said their members organised a small protest near Talaat Harb Street, close to Tahrir Square and to the party’s headquarters in downtown Cairo.

“She was shot with birdshot three times, two of them in the eye and head,” the member who spoke in a shaky tone said.

The member said two of her colleagues were also injured from birdshot.

“Security forces immediately dispersed the march with force despite efforts of the protesters to ‘talk it out,” he said.

The group claimed a few more members were arrested and the party’s secretary general was beaten and taken into custody.

The incident comes to mark the fourth anniversary of [the] 25 January Revolution.

Egypt leak names of media figures allegedly working for Sisi: here.

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