Michael Brown killed, ‘no federal prosecution’

This video from New Jersey in the USA says about itself:

Jerame Reid Shooting – Police SHOOT MAN WITH HANDS UP

21 January 2015

JERAME REID SHOOTING Dash cam footage released by the Bridgeton Police Department Tuesday shows Jerame Reid being shot and killed as he exited a car pulled over by Bridgeton police officers, an incident that has sparked some Ferguson-esque backlash against the police departme[nt].

Video shows black man shot dead by officer as he steps out of car with hands raised: here. See also here.

By Andre Damon in the USA:

Report: No federal charges against Ferguson, Missouri cop who killed Michael Brown

22 January 2015

The US Justice Department will not bring federal civil rights charges against Darren Wilson, the Ferguson, Missouri police officer responsible for the murder of unarmed teenager Michael Brown in August, the New York Times reported Wednesday evening.

The Times reported, “The investigation by the FBI, which is complete, found no evidence to support civil rights charges against the officer,” based on the claims of unnamed officials.

The Times added, “The Justice Department plans to release a report explaining its decision,” probably “in the next month or two.” The decision, according to the report, would “close the politically charged case.”

The report in the Times, a semi-official outlet of the American state, all but constitutes an official statement by the White House that it is not pursuing charges against Wilson. …

Throughout the grand jury proceedings that concluded in November, St. Louis County prosecuting attorney Robert P. McCulloch worked to ensure that no charges would be filed, painting Brown as the aggressor and coddling Wilson, who was invited to testify for four hours before other witnesses were heard. Last month, McCulloch publicly admitted that he knowingly used perjured testimony in the grand jury proceedings, after journalists identified one of the witnesses as a mentally disturbed racist with a history of providing false testimony.

“The fact that the original hearing was a fraud makes the dropping of federal charges against Wilson all the more egregious,” said John Burton, a police misconduct lawyer in Los Angeles County.

“The Fourth Amendment protects citizens from excessive force—such as being shot—during an arrest.” said Burton. “The civil rights division of the Justice Department theoretically exists to ensure that state and local authorities do not violate the civil rights of citizens. Michael Brown’s civil rights were clearly violated.”

Officers responsible for the 1992 beating of Rodney King, who were initially acquitted by a jury, were found guilty of violating King’s civil rights by using excessive force in his arrest. In that case, the prosecutors were not required to prove that racial motives played a role in the officers’ actions.

The New York Times piece is itself a journalistic travesty, treating the sham grand jury proceeding as entirely legitimate, and inferring from its verdict that Wilson’s killing of Brown was justified. It quotes the self-serving and unbelievable testimony of Wilson, but not that of any witnesses who contradicted his version of events. It qualifies the fact that witnesses said Brown had his hands up by saying that “some recanted their stories,” without noting the perjured character of the key witness who supported Wilson.

During the grand jury proceeding against Wilson, the Times played a filthy role in polluting public opinion by uncritically printing leaks from the secret grand jury proceeding that portrayed Wilson in a favorable light, including excerpts from Wilson’s own testimony.

Michael Brown’s family considers suing Darren Wilson in absence of charges. Lawyer says possibility is ‘always on the table’ after reports that officer who shot teenager won’t face federal civil rights charges: here.

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