German Islamophobic racists support ISIS terrorism

This video from Germany says about itself:

5 January 2015

Germany switches off lights in protest against anti-Islam PEGIDA group.

On it, you can see how the lights of the cathedral of Cologne were shut down, as a protest against a Pegida demonstration.

By Peter Schwarz in Germany:

The first Pegida demonstration took place in Dresden on October 20 [2014]. The demonstration was called by the 41-year-old advertising agent Lutz Bachmann, who was previously known above all for his criminal record. He has been in prison on a number of occasions, for—among other things— organised break-ins in Dresden’s red light district. At the moment, he is out on parole after being imprisoned for his involvement in drug dealing.

The German Pegida Islamophobes are not only led by a convicted criminal. They not only have links to the German NPD neo-nazis and other extreme rightists.

They turn out to be on the side of ISIS terrorism as well.

On 18 January 2015, German TV did an interview with Pegida spokesperson Kathrin Oertel. Why did Pegida start? Ms Oertel replied: ‘As a reaction to Kurds and lefties taking to the streets to demonstrate for support for PKK fighters’. Then, and now, the Turkish Kurdish PKK and their Syrian Kurdish allies were and are fighting ISIS. So, without saying so explicitly, Ms Oertel confessed that the Pegida Islamophobes are on the side of ISIS. Like some Christian Right extremists in the USA are as well.

13 thoughts on “German Islamophobic racists support ISIS terrorism

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  6. Thousands of Kurds rallied in towns across Turkey’s mainly Kurdish south-east yesterday to mark the 16th anniversary of the capture of rebel leader Abdullah Ocalan.

    Mr Ocalan leads the separatist Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) and is blamed by nationalist Turks for the deaths of tens of thousands of people in the group’s 30-year armed struggle.

    But for many of Turkey’s estimated 15 million Kurds, the 65-year-old represents the heroic leader of their bitter struggle for greater cultural and political rights.

    It is thought that Mr Ocalan may call a formal end to the PKK armed struggle by March, but Turkey sees the unrest in the south-east as suggesting that the PKK is flexing its muscles as it looks to stamp its authority on the Kurdish region.

    Four months after Kurdish people’s anger at Ankara’s reluctance to help defend their kin in Syria spilled over into riots, fresh unrest has broken out in the town of Cizre near the Syrian and Iraqi frontiers between security forces, PKK supporters and Kurdish Islamists. At least six people were killed during the riots last month.

    The Kurds have been pushing for Mr Ocalan’s release, an amnesty for fighters and steps towards autonomy.

    “The Kurdistan freedom struggle will from now on aim for the freedom of leader Apo (Mr Ocalan).

    “We will step up the struggle for a free Kurdistan,” PKK-linked umbrella group KCK said.

    On Saturday night and yesterday, demonstrators and police fought in the streets in Sirnak and Diyarbakir, the main city in the south-east.Police detained 17 protesters in Sirnak.

    The Turkish government started talks with Mr Ocalan in 2012 but flatly refused to lift the designation of the group as terrorist.

    But the PKK, which is so designated by Turkey, the United States and the European Union, subsequently declared a ceasefire and began withdrawing from Turkey to camps in northern Iraq.


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