London protest against dolphin killing in Japan

This 17 January 2015 video is called London’s March against Taiji Cove Dolphin Slaughter and Captivity, filmed by Diane Bartlett.

By Joana Ramiro in Britain:

Thousands protest in London against dolphin capture in Japan‘s Taiji Cove

Game of Thrones‘s Maisie Williams leads the charge for youth participation

Monday 19th Jan 2015

GAME of Thrones star Maisie Williams led crowds in a march through London at the weekend in protest at the capture of dolphins on Japan’s coast.

Ms Williams joined the thousands fighting against “dolphin drives” in Japan’s Taiji Cove — where fishermen corner dolphins into bays to then catch them in nets.

The protest came as animal activists prepared to lobby Prince William ahead of his forthcoming trip to Japan.

Care for the Wild spokesman Dominic Dyer said that most dolphins were now caught to be sold into captivity, fetching thousands of pounds at aquariums worldwide.

Praising Ms Williams’s participation he said: “She’s reaching out to the younger generation. That’s what we need — for young people to be saying: ‘I don’t want to participate in this business any more, I want it stopped’.”

Commenting on the likelihood of Prince William taking up their cause, Mr Dyer added: “We do believe he should be willing to address this in his discussions.

“The days of marine parks coming in and picking off dolphins while they’re being slaughtered in large numbers in horrible conditions will stop — because public opinion will force them to stop.”

A petition started by Care for the Wild reached over 1,500 signatures in 72 hours.

“Ordinary people around the world, in increasing numbers, are left shocked every year by the actions of the fishermen at Taiji who drive hundreds of dolphins into the infamous cove,” reads the petition.

“There is nothing cultural about capturing dolphins and sending them to appear in dolphin shows. The only motivation is profit.”

Dolphins deliberately killed for use as bait in global fisheries. The harvest of aquatic mammals for bait is widespread globally, but most common in Latin America and Asia: here.

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