Ferguson, USA solidarity in Derry, Ireland

This video from Ireland is called Bloody Sunday (Full Movie).

From the Londonderry Sentinel in Northern Ireland:

Ferguson pastor, Rev. Sekou Osagyeyfo, to address Bloody Sunday march

by Staff Reporter

14 January 2015

US pastor, Rev. Sekou Osagyeyfo, will speak in Londonderry this month about the killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, last year.

Rev. Osagyeyfo will also address the annual Bloody Sunday march at Guildhall Square, the organisers announced on Wednesday (January 14).

Ex-Bagram and Guantánamo internee Moazzam Begg will also participate in a wide programme of events that will take place between January 22 and February 1.

According to the organisers: “This year’s theme is ‘Resist’ and the programme will reflect the resistance to continued attacks on civil rights and liberties whether in Ferguson, USA, Palestine, Dublin, Belfast or indeed here in Derry itself.

“The programme for 2015 will continue the tradition of acting as an inclusive platform for the seemingly disparate ongoing campaigns concerning the people of these islands and beyond.

“As in previous years it is a time to join together, make connections and raise our voices in solidarity.”

The programme is as follows:

Thursday, January 22, City Hotel 7.30pm

‘Where does the Stormont Agreement leave the Bloody Sunday Investigation’

Bernadette McAliskey (chair) with an invited panel of speakers to include Liam Wray, brother of Bloody Sunday murder victim Jim Wray.

Thursday, January 29, City Hotel 7.30 pm

’Unmasking Injustice – from the Hooded Men to the Craigavon Two’

Bernadette McAliskey (chair), Francie McGuigan (former hooded man), Packy Carty from Justice For The Craigavon Two and Darragh Mackin KRW Law

Saturday, January 31, Pilots Row Community Centre 12noon


Diane Greer (Chair), other speakers confirmed include Mary McManus Housing and Welfare Rights Belfast, Louie, performance artist and Yes Campaign Glasgow, and the Revered Sekou Osagyeyfo from Ferguson, USA

Saturday, January 31, Pilots Row Community Centre 2.30pm

’The State We’re In’

Speakers include Patrick Murphy (Irish News), Kitty Holland (Irish Times) and Brian Feeney (Irish News)

Saturday, January 31, Nerve Centre, Magazine Derry 7.30 pm

‘No Justice, No Peace – From Guantánamo Bay to Ferguson USA’

Chair Eamonn McCann, speakers include: former Guantánamo Bay internee Moazzam Begg and the Reverend Sekou Osagyeyfo from Ferguson, who will speak about the killing of the young black man Michael Brown by the Missouri state police.

Sunday, February 1, Creggan Shops 2.30 pm

Annual March and Rally for Justice

This year’s march will finish at Guildhall Square in Derry City Centre where we are delighted to announce that the Reverend Sekou Osagyeyfo from Ferguson USA and the anti-austerity, anti-water charges TD Clare Daly will address the rally.

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