Islamophobia in the Netherlands, update

This video says about itself:

France: Le Mans mosque attacked with grenades

8 January 2015

A mosque in Le Mans was attacked with four training grenades on Thursday. One grenade reportedly detonated in the night and police found another three lying unexploded in the mosque’s courtyard. One of the windows also had a bullet hole in it. Numerous mosques were attacked in France from Wednesday to Thursday, including another explosion at a restaurant near a mosque in Villefranche-sur-Saone. The mosque has been attacked three times recently and tagged with anti-Islamic graffiti.

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

Today, 19:23

“There I was, my headscarf soaking with beer.” It is one of the responses to the Facebook page “Report Islamophobia” of Muslims who felt threatened or have been abused. Started three days ago, thirty cases have been reported.

Someone tells of an experience yesterday afternoon in the Sarphatistraat in Amsterdam: “I had just finished at the university, I wanted to cross and was called a terrorist by a passing bicyclist.”

She “was blindsided by it” and did not know what to say. “Next time I might ridicule that and say: go away before my bomb will explode, you blockhead.” She won’t report this to the police. “It’s something small in my eyes, hopefully it will not get worse. Reporting this to Allah will be enough.”


Another woman writes that in the supermarket “Go away!” was screamed at her. “Paris is 600 kilometers from here, and I do not wear any Kalashnikov. …”

The sister of actor Achmed Akkabi works in an Islamic clothing shop in The Hague and does not feel safe in her business any more. “The door is now closed. We are there, as usually. But even in this oh-so-tolerant Netherlands a hard-working Muslim woman can not do her job safely any more,” she writes.

Terry Jones: Controversial US pastor insists ‘burning the Koran is not radical’: here.

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