British solidarity with German anti-racists

This video says about itself:

Germany switches off lights in protest against anti-Islam PEGIDA group

5 January 2015

Cologne Cathedral was plunged into darkness in a protest against extremism on Monday evening (Jan 5).

It was one of several such events orchestrated by opponents of a group campaigning against what it sees as the “Islamisation” of Europe called PEGIDA.

In Berlin the Brandenburg Gate was likewise unlit as both pro and counter PEGIDA demonstrations took place.

Critics accuse the group of being led by racists and the far-right.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Solidarity protest held against the racist Pegida

Tuesday 13th January 2015

ANTI-FASCISTS demonstrated outside the German embassy in London yesterday in solidarity with protests in Germany against the right-wing, racist and Islamophobic Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the Western World (Pegida) movement.

Thousands joined the mobilisation which has united openly nazi organisations in Germany.

The London demonstration was organised by Unite Against Fascism (UAF), whose joint secretary Sabby Dhalu said: “After the death and destruction of the second world war and the horrors of the Holocaust under nazi Germany, the whole world said never again.

“It is particularly crucial at this point in time in the aftermath of the Paris attacks, when some are wrongly trying to implicate the entire global Muslim community for the actions of a tiny minority, and far-right and fascist groups are using the attacks to build support.”

UAF joint secretary Weyman Bennet compared the Pegida street movement in Germany to the English Defence League.

ANTI-RACIST campaigners turned the tables on far-right Pegida demonstrators across Germany on Monday night, flooding city streets with tens of thousands of supporters: here.

The German media reported on Tuesday that the twelfth Pegida (Patriotic Europeans against the Islamisation of the West) demonstration held the previous day was the largest thus far. Sources put the number of participants at between 20,000 and 25,000. There were also anti-Islamic and right-wing extremist protests in other cities. But the marches outside of Dresden were much smaller than expected. In Leipzig, 4,800 Pegida supporters marched through the city. In Berlin, Düsseldorf and Saarbrücken there were only a few hundred. Much bigger protest marches were held by Pegida’s opponents. The largest was in Leipzig, with more than 35,000 people protesting against Pegida’s racist propaganda. In Munich, 20,000 people demonstrated, 17,000 in Hannover, 7,000 in Dresden, 4,000 in Hamburg, and in Düsseldorf, 5,000: here.

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