Dutch Muslims condemn violence in Paris

This 7 January 2014 video is called Shooting at French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo in Paris, 12 dead.

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

“Not any Muslim is happy about this’

Today, 18:22

Muslim organizations in the Netherlands have reacted with horror at the attack on the editorial board of Charlie Hebdo in Paris. About whether Dutch mosques will now be the target of reprisals, they do not agree.

The Alliance of Moroccan Dutch (SMN) does not see this danger. “Revenge for what and against whom?” spokesman Farid Azarkan asked himself in the NOS Radio 1 News. “This was in Paris and as far as I know not any Muslim is happy about that. So, now saying that people in the Netherlands will do something against mosques here, that seems far-fetched.”


The Contact Committee Muslims and Government (CMO) is worried, says spokesman Yassin El Forkani. “I worry about the safety of mosques, but also about the safety of everyone in Europe. We need tough action against such violence and against the restriction of our freedom.”

“What happened in Paris today, is far removed from Islam. Mosques should dissociate themselves from such acts of terrorism, because our faith is about mercy.”


The SMN is shocked about the “terrible deed” in Paris. “It’s unreal,” said Azarkan. “You see someone shoot a police officer, you see people fleeing across rooftops, as if it were a movie. We have no words for it.”

Azarkan calls on everyone to be careful in reactions with their choice of words. “And not to use terms like “war”, which seems very inappropriate.” This afternoon PVV leader Geert Wilders used that word in a tweet.

We still don’t know anything about the perpetrators of this horrible crime. Who they are; what their motives were.

Daily The Morning Star in Britain writes about one of several possibilities:

the savagery of [today’s] attack will raise fears that young people who have travelled from Europe to join Isis’s war against the Iraqi and Syrian governments — waged in the latter country with the connivance of Western countries hostile to Bashar al-Assad’s regime — are returning trained and prepared to launch terrorist assaults at home.

Indeed, very misguided young people, certainly initially, went from their NATO countries to Syria to a bloody war, supported by their countries’ governments. By the government of NATO ally Turkey. By the CIA in the USA. By Dutch General Peter van Ulm, who in May 2014 praised young people going to Syria for jihad.

And today, we may see the terrible blowback from this.

53 thoughts on “Dutch Muslims condemn violence in Paris

  1. It is presumed terrorism is associated with religious belief, I think it is something very different it is a act as terrorism go, a response to colonization and its ability to extract resources for virtually nothing and to keep in power satellite elites under the control of the Western allies, what is opprobrious is the constancy of oppression, the ability of the history of the Western Allies of violence, and inflict violence on all those who do not succumb to the threat of the allies aggression and their demands, this not only effects the populations overseas but also the native population at home of the elites, this cost of aggressive behavior such as military action, should be the rebuilding of the infrastructure of the third world.
    If terrorism starts to become targets such as Myers, the stocks and shares, will collapse.
    We hear commentators saying terrorists do not know history? are you joking what belligerence, any idiot can see with a glance at Western history that it is sheer hypocrisy not to know the Western Allies on a large scale have caused the deaths to more than any other time, in the past century, what we need is some of the hippies ideology, of course this was crushed by the financiers, politicians, military and police, and a fair sprinkling of the insane, not forgetting the class system.
    As Petre, says the relatives of those injured, we note the injured of the third world do not even come into consideration, my concern is not the injured of the West’s casualties as much as those who are the unknown and forgotten.


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