Scottish Blairite politician’s links to the far right

This military video from the USA is called Japanese Americans in WWII.

Again, from the Independent series about US American activists:

Minoru Yasui


In the Second World War, a notice was suddenly posted throughout Japanese neighbourhoods: “All persons of Japanese ancestry will be evacuated from the above designated area by 12 o’clock noon”.

There was nothing in the evacuation order or in any public law that allowed the United States government to keep Americans within any restricted area. But the War Relocation Authority, by pure executive fiat, detained us under their jurisdiction and sent us to camps. The military, without imposing martial law, was ordering the civilian to do something. In my opinion, that’s the way dictatorships are formed.

And if I, as an American citizen, stood still for this, I would be derogating the rights of all citizens. I had to stand up and say, “That’s wrong”. I refused to report for evacuation. Sure enough, within the week, I got a telephone call saying, “We’re coming to get you”. I can still see them. The lieutenant was in a saloon car. A jeep followed with four military policemen. I was thrown into the North Portland Livestock Pavilion, where Japanese-Americans had been put. In stalls where horses and cows were kept, people now lived. It was sweltering, but we had no way to escape it. They wouldn’t let us outside.

In September, they started moving us into desert camps. You were surrounded with barbed-wire fences, armed guards, searchlights, and machine-gun nests. We wondered how long we were going to be interned. What was going to happen? By then, we had heard rumours of forced labour camps in Germany. Were they, as [the journalist] Westbrook Pegler and others were suggesting, going to castrate the men and ship them back to Japan? These things were in the papers constantly: make them suffer. Make them hurt. And I kept on thinking, “What did I do?”

One of the most vocal advocates of this putting into concentration camps of people just because of their ancestry, was US politician Henry ‘Scoop’ Jackson.

Before we go to Scotland today, first some more United States political history.

In the twentieth century, there was the late United States senator and failed presidential candidate Henry ‘Scoop’ Jackson. Mr Jackson was corrupt, Jackson’s nickname was “the gentleman from Boeing“. Boeing being a military contractor getting lots of taxpayers’ money for killing and torturing people. Jackson was also a major supporter of wars, like in Vietnam.

Jackson was a strong supporter of the racist internment of US citizens of Japanese ancestry into concentration camps because of their ethnicity during World War II.

The 21st century ‘Henry Jackson Society’ seems to have substituted Muslims for Japanese-Americans. This society includes hard-line politicians from the USA. And from Britain: right-wing Conservatives, like David Cameron’s now-sacked education secretary Michael Gove. And right-wing ‘new’ Labour Blairites. Like Denis MacShane, convicted for, and kicked out of the Labour party for, corruption. So, really similar to Henry Jackson. Also similar in being a warmonger, supporting war in Iraq, Afghanistan, wherever.

Unfortunately, Denis MacShane is not unique within Labour in Britain.

The recently elected leader of the party in Scotland, Jim Murphy, is a Tony Blair loyalist, supporting war in Iraq etc. etc. And today, more fishy details are emerging about Mr Murphy.

By Malcolm Burns in Scotland:

Murphy linked to hard-right think tank

Monday 5th January 2015

Labour leader advised anti-immigration group

SCOTTISH Labour leader Jim Murphy yesterday faced a storm of protest from across the political spectrum over his role as an adviser to a hard-right think tank.

The SNP, Scottish Greens and Communist Party of Britain — as well as human rights experts and left-wing Labour activists — all demanded Murphy’s resignation from the Henry Jackson Society, named after an anti-communist US senator.

Mr Murphy sits on the neoconservative society’s political advisory council.

The group includes “two cheers for capitalism” in its founding principles — witholding a third cheer out of a concern for environmental damage that does not extend to workers’ welfare.

It has become notorious for right-wing policies and inflammatory anti-Islamic and anti-immigration statements by directors Douglas Murray and Alan Mendoza.

Mr Murphy’s link to the group was called into question at the weekend by Amnesty International advocate Niall McCluskey, who said his association gave “the wrong kind of message for someone in his position.”

And Communist Party Scottish secretary Tommy Morrison told the Morning Star: “At his core this shows Jim Murphy is a hard right winger — despite some of his rhetoric in the recent Labour leadership election.

“It was a tribute to Neil Findlay that his principled leadership campaign moved the Scottish Labour agenda to the left and Murphy had to respond to that, but the lesson for us is we shouldn’t be conned about Murphy.

“It also shows the job the wider labour movement has to do in Scotland. These links will not endear Jim Murphy or Scottish Labour to the Scottish people.”

A Scottish Labour spokesman said: “Anyone who claims Jim Murphy is anti-Islamic or supports anti-Islamic views is making a pathetic political attack which says more about them than Mr Murphy.”

But Scottish Labour leftwinger Vince Mills, chair of the grassroots Campaign for Socialism, also called on Murphy sever his links with the body.

“He should resign from it immediately, given the reactionary stand it has taken on issues like immigration and international policy.

“Instead he should be focusing on efforts to reduce tension, like supporting international recognition for Palestine.”

SNP MSP for Glasgow Sandra White said yesterday that it was “an extraordinary role for a Labour leader in Scotland to be in, and a huge embarrassment to his party.”

If Mr Murphy won’t dissociate himself from this society named after a corrupt, racist and warmongering United States senator; and if Labour in Scotland will not condemn that; then, the Scottish Labour party will be doomed to be much smaller than the Scottish National Party for a very, very long time. After having been the biggest party in Scotland for many decades.

Scottish Labour leader deletes YouTube video after getting NHS stats wrong. Jim Murphy deletes video and tweet after making false claims about cancelled hospital operations in Scotland based on misread figures: here.

Jim Murphy is ominously noncommittal when it comes to backing collective bargaining and workers’ representation, writes GRAHAME SMITH: here.

British Blairites’ links to Enron, other corporations: here.

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