Michael Brown grand juror sues over gag order

This 21 December 2014 video is called No consequences for lying Ferguson grand jury witnesses.

From Associated Press in the USA today:

Ferguson grand juror sues over gag order

January 5, 2015 Updated 12 minutes ago

ST. LOUIS — A member of the grand jury that declined to indict the Ferguson police officer who fatally shot 18-year-old Michael Brown is asking a federal court to remove a lifetime order that prevents jurors from discussing the case.

The American Civil Liberties Union filed the lawsuit Monday on behalf of an unnamed juror in Missouri. The grand jury heard from about 60 witnesses over three months before deciding not to indict officer Darren Wilson.

The lawsuit also questions St. Louis County District Attorney Bob McCulloch’s characterization “that all grand jurors believed that there was no support for any charges.”

McCulloch oversaw the investigation. His spokesman declined comment.

Brown, who was black, was unarmed when Wilson, who is white, shot him in August.

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Ferguson Juror Sues Prosecutor, Says Evidence Was Manipulated to Implicate Michael Brown: here.

The identified body of one of the 43 missing students from Ayotzinapa, Mexico, and the police killings of Eric Garner and Michael Brown in the U.S. reveal deep similarities between the two countries’ political classes: here.

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