Medieval coins treasure discovery in England

This video from England says about itself:

Saxon Pennies Hoard, Lenborough, Bucks Dec 2014

23 December 2014

I was fortunate to witness the uncovering of this jaw dropping magnificent hoard found in Lenborough last Sunday. A dig run by Weekend Wanderers. I managed to film the first couple of hours on my phone before the battery packed in. The pennies of Athelred 11 and Cnut seem to have been buried in a lead bucket and number over 3000. This is probably one of the largest hoards of Anglo-Saxon coinage known in this country! Added some stills at the end. Unbelievable!

From Ancient Origins:

1 January, 2015 – 22:17

Hoard of 5,000 Anglo Saxon coins worth over $1.5 million discovered by metal detectorists on Christmas dig

Amateur treasure hunters struck it rich when they unearthed a massive hoard of more than 5,000 silver coins during a Christmas gathering on farmland near Lenborough in Buckinghamshire, England. The coins date back more than 1,000 years and are believed to be worth more than £1 million (US$1.5 million). The discovery is among the largest hoards of Anglo Saxon coins ever found in Britain.

According to Buckin[g]ham Advertiser, the dig was organized by the Weekend Wanderers Detecting Club and included more than 100 people from across Britain. The hoard was found inside a lead bucket 2 feet below the surface. Archaeologist Ros Tyrrell, the Finds Liaison Officer for Buckingham, was at the rally to help excavate and record any finds made on the day.

“This is one of the largest hoards of Anglo Saxon coins ever found in Britain, and when the coins have been properly identified and dated, we may be able to guess at why such a great treasure was buried,” a Bucks County Museum spokesman said.

The coins are extremely well-preserved and show the faces of some of the kings of England, including Ethelred the Unready (978-1016 AD), who is credited with introducing the prototype for the English Grand Jury, and Canute (1016-1035 AD), a king of Denmark, England, Norway, and parts of Sweden, who some historians maintain was the most effective king in Anglo-Saxon history, despite not being Anglo-Saxon.

Small cross type penny with portrait of King Ethelred (not from the newly-discovered hoard). (Wikimedia Commons)

Largest hoard of Anglo-Saxon coins found in recent years goes on display at British Museum: here.

Watlington Hoard: Saxon and Viking treasure from the time of Alfred the Great discovered in Oxfordshire field. James Mather, 60, unearthed the incredible find after discovering it with his metal detector: here.

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