12 thoughts on “British Labour Party, rightward or leftward?

  1. As this article explains, as example The Gang of Four, how can a elected candidate change the policies he or she is voted in for? simple, to get some oil to move it along will almost in this day and age be enough to what ever morals the individual has will be suspended for expedience, of the bank account becoming greener, this is in part that morality is in the main a secondary consideration to money, this is because low income people are the group that is a group to be feared even by association, in my family less than 100 years ago, were lower class and within two generations one member became educated at Oxford, this member never associate with the part of the family that is regarded as under educated form the stand point of Oxford, what the reader has to remember is that you are not just educated in the subject you are being educated in, you are becoming a snob or put another way you become up your self, to return to The Gang of Four, these people will forsake integrity for money slipped in to their account on the side if they will come over, this money is the useful for educating their kids and in time corruption and ones part in debauchery will all be laundered and time will heal all wounds, is it surprising that corruption on a global scale is now world wide, I would say the planet is now safely run by those who are criminals and now if you mention truth, the word now sounds pretty old fashioned.


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