14 thoughts on “Will Greek voters defeat austerity in Greece and Europe?

  1. The population time bomb has arrived. It is a problem that will take the wisdom of Solomon and patience of Jobe to resolve. Greece is in no condition to handle such enormous numbers of refuges. The rest of Europe is no better.


  2. International meeting
    Rome, 24-25 Jan 2015

    Despite the obvious insustainability of the Euro, the rulers have been doing whatever possible to keep the single currency alive. The consequences for the people are devastating especially for those considered peripheral. To avoid decline and destruction leaving the Euro and the European Union as well as regaining national sovereignty are for many countries necessary decisions though not sufficient ones.

    The objective tendency eroding the EU is nurturing various antagonistic impulses. Reactionary movements have gained ground proposing national-liberalist or even neo-fascist solutions. Although the main enemy has been and remains being the eurocratic bloc, we regard it as our duty to stop the ascent of the reactionary right wing.

    All the democratic, socialist and revolutionary anti-Euro forces are wholeheartedly invited to participate, to speak up and to contribute with their ideas in the hope that the meeting will serve to build a larger and more solid anti-Euro front.

    Entire call:

    • Italian Leftist Co-ordination against the Euro (Coordinamento nazionale sinistra contro l’euro)

    Following organisations have announced their presence:
    • Mouvement politique d’émancipation populaire (M’PEP, Political Movement for the Emancipation of the People), France
    • Frente Cívico (FC – Civic Front), Spain
    • Ενιαίο Παλλαϊκό Μέτωπο (EPAM, People’s United Front), Greece
    • Σχέδιο Β (Plan B), Greece
    • Personenkomitee “Euro-Austritt” (Committee Euro Exit), Austria
    • Initiative e.V. Duisburg, Germany


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