No wild boar meat this Christmas, because of radioactivity

This is a video about wild boar, adults and youngsters, in winter in Sweden.

At Christmas, quite some people in the Netherlands eat meat types they don’t usually eat at other times; like turkey; or various wild animals.

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

No wild boar at Albert Heijn supermarkets because of Chernobyl

Today, 18:38

Who wants to serve wild boar during Christmas dinner won’t find this on the shelves at Albert Heijn. The supermarket chain will sell this year no meat from that animal, because a high percentage of them are probably radioactive.

Many wild boar live in the forests of Central Europe. The radioactivity in that area was caused by the Chernobyl nuclear accident in 1986. “Pigs eat mushrooms. Mushrooms get super high radioactivity levels,” tweeted Simone Hertzberger of Albert Heijn. …

Last year Albert Heijn did sell wild boar meat for the holidays, but that came from France. “Boar from France was not an option this year, because simply not enough wild boars live there,” said [Albert Heijn spokesman] Hellendoorn. …

Instead of boar there is other game on the shelves, such as deer venison and saddle of hare. “Consumers do not have to worry about radioactivity in those products because these animals do not eat mushrooms.”

22 thoughts on “No wild boar meat this Christmas, because of radioactivity

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