Turkish football supporters’ life imprisonment for criticizing government corruption?

This video says about itself:

Ground Zero: Turkey – The Protesters of Gezi Park

2 July 2013

Journalist Tim Pool recently joined the VICE editorial staff to cover breaking news, and his first assignment was to fly down to Istanbul and do a live stream of the protests against the construction of a mall in Gezi Park and Prime Minister Erdogan’s Islamist policies. Tim also produced this documentary about the uprising, which includes interviews with protesters on the ground as well info about the failure of the Turkish media to properly give a shit about the situation.

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands today:

In Istanbul the trial started of 35 supporters of the hard core of the football club Besiktas. They are accused that they have tried to overthrow the Turkish government last year during the Gezi protests. They risk life imprisonment.

Last summer Gezi Park and Taksim Square in Istanbul were the scene of mass protests against the government. …

The lawsuit against the 35 Carsi members encounters much criticism both in Turkey and abroad. At the court in Istanbul this morning, there were expressions of support from hundreds of football supporters, also from rival clubs. They waved flags and sang songs.

Human rights organization Human Rights Watch (HRW) calls the trial ridiculous. There was no evidence for a coup. According to HRW, the indictment proves that Erdogan puts pressure on courts to suppress resistance him in the bud.

Turkish government mounts police state crackdown on opposition media: here.

27 thoughts on “Turkish football supporters’ life imprisonment for criticizing government corruption?

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