Dutch wild flowers in winter

This video, from California in the USA, says about itself:

21 May 2010

In Los Angeles County, the wild flowers bloom in winter. Depending how much it rains and when, the flowers can begin opening in early February and keep going until May or June. These are from the north end of the county after a particularly long and wet winter.

Translated from the Dutch FLORON botanists:

Sunday, December 14th, 2014

FLORON organizes its first ever plant count in a seemingly impossible period, namely around New Year’s Eve. Between December 25 and January 4, plant lovers will be looking everywhere in the Netherlands for flowering plants. We wonder how many different plants are still in bloom and which flowering plant will be most numerous.

Only wild flowers count; not garden flowers.

On this Internet site people can register which flowers they have counted.

7 thoughts on “Dutch wild flowers in winter

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