Argentina’s military dictatorship on trial

This video from the USA says about itself:

Argentine Torture Survivor Tells of Her Struggle to Bring Her Torturers to Justice

12 November 2010

Democracy Now! speak with Patricia Isasa, a torture survivor from Argentina’s military dictatorship. She was a 16-year old student union organizer in 1976 when she was kidnapped by police and soldiers. She was tortured and held prisoner without trial for two-and-a-half years at one of the 585 clandestine detention and torture centers set up during the dictatorship. After a long legal battle to bring her torturers to justice, six of her nine torturers were recently sentenced to prison.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Dictatorship-era soldiers to reveal missing dead

Thursday 11th December 2014

FOUR former soldiers charged with committing crimes against humanity during Argentina‘s 1976-1983 military dictatorship have said they will admit guilt and help to identify victims and burial sites.

Presiding judge Diaz Gavier said on Wednesday that the men had “voluntarily expressed their intention to provide information that will facilitate the location of some human remains.”

The four are on trial for participation in crimes committed at clandestine detention centres in Cordoba province during the US-backed dictatorship that cost the lives of 30,000 people.

Ernesto Barreiro, who is accused by human rights groups of being the chief torturer at the La Perla detention centre, indicated places on Wednesday where 25 missing people might have been buried.

Mr Barreiro led a 1987 military rebellion that forced the elected government of President Raul Alfonsin to pass an amnesty law for accused human rights abusers.

The amnesty law was overturned almost two decades later, allowing prosecutors to reopen hundreds of cases.

ARGENTINIAN police savagely attacked public-sector workers yesterday as they protested against politically motivated sackings by the new right-wing government: here.

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