Dutch xenophobic politician supports CIA torture, then flip-flops

This video says about itself:

[Edward] Snowden on CIA torture report: US committed inexcusable crimes (FULL VIDEOLINK)

10 December 2014

Speaking via videolink at a Paris conference organised by pressure group Amnesty International, Snowden, who exposed secret NSA documents, said he was “deeply saddened and to a great extent angered’ by what he read.

Everywhere, there is disgust about the horrible torture by the CIA, as revealed partly in the redacted report published recently by the United States Senate.

Well .. not everyone is horrified. Marine Le Pen, leader of the French neo-fascist party the National Front, is not.

And a Dutch political ally of Marine Le Pen is not (or: was not? as we shall see) either.

His name is Michael Heemels. He is chairman of the caucus in the Limburg provincial assembly of the PVV, Geert Wilders‘ xenophobic political party. The party that used to say that they did not want cooperation with anti-Semitic parties like the National Front, and Vlaams Belang in Belgium. But now, the party which has flip-flopped on this since.

Michael Heemels is also Geert Wilders’ press spokesman.

Yesterday on Twitter, Heemels said (translated):

The FBI and CIA methods can never be harsh enough!

This is why I don’t give a shit how we gathered information from terrorists.

After many protests, Heemels flip-flopped and deleted that tweet.

16 thoughts on “Dutch xenophobic politician supports CIA torture, then flip-flops

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