Rare elephant twins born in South Africa

This video from South Africa says about itself:

Rare elephant twins, Pongola Game Reserve

5 December 2014

From Wildlife Extra:

Rare elephant twins born in South Africa

A rare pair of elephant twins have been born in Pongola Game Reserve in Northern Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa and are doing well according to initial reports.

Scientific evidence suggests that there is less than one percent prevalence rate of elephants twinning and even less of a chance that both twins survive into adulthood, making the birth of these young elephant twins an incredibly rare natural occurrence.

The yet unnamed twins were born to a 31 year old elephant cow called Curve, so named for the curve of one of her tusks. However the sex of the twins remains unconfirmed as Curve is being given enough space and a fighting chance to beat the mortality odds for the twins.

“This is the best approach,” said elephant specialist Dr. Ian Whyte from the Dept. of Scientific Services at the National Parks Board, Kruger National Park.

“Mortality of one of the twins usually occurs as the increasing demand for milk by two calves cannot be met by the mother and the less dominant of the two calves usually cannot gain access to its share. One rather famous matriarch in Kruger dubbed MaMerle produced a set of twins in 2002, both of which survived to post weaning age, and she then produced a second set in 2006, both of which had survived to more than a year old when she was last seen. Curve needs a stress free environment to beat the odds.”

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