French military aircraft kills, injures disabled people

This video says about itself:

World Military Spending – An Infographics

13 feb. 2014

“What does it take to end World Hunger? About one week of United States Military Spending
– Anthony Gucciardi

An Infographics about World Military Spending, by Akshay Anil Pillai

In her Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech today, prize winning Pakistani girl Malala pointed out that governments of rich countries prefer spending money on wars and militarism to spending on a good education for all children, including girls.

Militarism and wars not only hurt education. They also hurt disabled people. Indirectly, as politicians will say there is not enough money for the disabled, as so-called ‘defence’ spending is the priority.

Today, in France, militarism hurted disabled people extremely directly. AFP news agency reports that an Alpha Jet military aircraft crashed about 17:30 near Tours city, on a building in Rochecorbon town. That building housed about 100 disabled people. It is not known how many of these people, and maybe also additional numbers of nurses etc. were in the building when the warplane crashed through the roof of the institution La Bellangerie – Val de Loire.

Local authorities say, provisionally, that at least one person weas killed and four people injured.

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