Bahrain torture prince stops all traffic for his leisure

Traffic comes to a standstill in Muharraq, Bahrain, today as the King's son takes part in a triathlon. Photograph shared by @MohdBucheeri on Twitter

At the demonstrations against the deaths of Michael Brown, Eric Garner and others in many places in the USA, some demonstrators get arrested for supposedly obstructing traffic.

What about really obstructing traffic, on a much bigger scale? Not for correcting injustice; but for one of the hobbies, triathlon, of a prince of the Bahraini royal family? A prince whose other hobbies include torturing Bahraini international football players, torturing Paralympics athletes, and torturing others?

By Amira Al Hussaini:

Bahrain Comes to a Standstill for the King’s Son to Cycle, Run and Swim

6 December 2014 23:04 GMT

Traffic in Bahrain came to a standstill today (December 6) as some of the country’s major roads were shut to traffic from 7am to 11am for the King’s son to take part in a triathlon.

A burial service was delayed, airline travel was disrupted as travellers missed their flights, doctors could not go to work and patients were left without care while Shaikh Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa swam, ran and cycled around the country.

Most of the bottlenecks were reported in Muharraq, where the Bahrain International Airport is located, in the country, which covers a total area of around 780 square kilometres.

The surprise came on social media, with netziens who are usually meek in criticising the actions of members of the ruling family, using their real names and voicing the worst criticism.

Raeda Sabt writes:

A funeral was delayed, airplanes stranded, roads were closed. This means that people’s interest are their last concern, just because a few people want to run!!

Bucheeri is particularly irked at the closure of the roads because his cousin’s funeral had to be delayed because the family and mourners were not able to reach the cemetery. He sends a tweet to Shaikh Nasser saying:

To Shaikh Nasser,
My cousin is dead and is waiting for us at the cemetery.
No one can reach him for the burial
Is this acceptable?

In another tweet, he shares his encounter with a police officer:

I told the officer, we have a death in the family and need to go to the cemetery. He told me to return home as there is a race and the roads are closed.

Bahrain airport delays

Many netizens shared photographs of people walking long distances to the airport. Abdulla Al Jalahma shares this image from the airport’s information display and asks:

Who, other than the poor people, will shoulder the losses? …

I just heard that some Bahraini kidney patients were not able to attend their dialysis appointments because the roads were blocked. This puts their lives in danger

Protests erupt over British decision to open military base in Bahrain. Human rights groups say Britain is being rewarded by the Gulf state’s monarchy for its silence over political jailings: here.

Building a British naval base in Bahrain is a ‘symbolic choice’ – for no clear reason. World View: The authoritarian kingdom where doctors are tortured is a strange place for this £15m investment: here.

The announcement that the UK is to build a new naval base in Bahrain has provoked rage from activists in the tiny Gulf kingdom, who say the decision is a “reward for Britain’s silence” over the kingdom’s poor human rights record: here.

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