Antarctic gentoo penguins, video

The Cornell Lab of Ornithologyy in the USA writes about this 4 December 2014 video:

December is just about the warmest time of year for a Gentoo Penguin, and time for them to get busy raising chicks amid the rock and ice of Antarctica and its islands. Watch this video and enjoy a penguin‘s eye view of a breeding colony on the Antarctic Peninsula.

Stay Tuned: After the holidays, join us for two special live-streamed video conversations with scientists at a penguin colony in Antarctica. They’re scheduled for Jan. 29 and Feb. 3 (weather depending). Bookmark this link, and we’ll have more details for you in January.

One of the largest colonies of gentoo penguins in Antarctica [at Ardley island] was decimated by volcanic eruptions several times during the last 7,000 years according to a new study: here.

11 thoughts on “Antarctic gentoo penguins, video

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