Feeding North American birds in winter

This video from Indiana in the USA says about itself:

Winter Birds’ Feeding Frenzy

5 January 2013

My pagoda sunflower seed bird feeder served as the perfect feeding station, making this feeding frenzy a birdwatchers’ delight. Watch as Bluejays, Northern Cardinals, Chickadees, House Finches, Goldfinches, Tufted Titmice, Nuthatches, and House Sparrows all dart in to feed and take a spin on the pagoda feeder, while Red-bellied and Downy Woodpeckers dine on the nearby suet. Listen as the Pileated Woodpecker comes in close to scold from a nearby tree, but stays out of camera’s view. Notice, as the days get longer, the Goldfinches are already starting to get some yellow back.

From the Cornell Lab of Ornithology in the USA:

Make Your Yard Songbird Central With These Easy Dos and Don’ts

There’s no better time than winter to diversify your feeder setup and bring some lively color to your surroundings. The right combination of feeders and foliage can turn your yard into the songbird version of Grand Central Station. We’ve got all your bases covered—feeder safety, all sorts of alternative foods, natural shelters, and more—over on our Citizen Science blog. Check out our tips.

Make a Pretty Feeder From a Pine Cone: All you need are cones, some bird seed, and a little suet. Here’s our recipe.

17 thoughts on “Feeding North American birds in winter

  1. We participate in a Cornell project called Feeder Watch. We started in Boston and have set up this year at our new home in Vermont. I recommend it anyone who loves to watch birds and has a feeder in the US or Canada.


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