Save the Children, war criminal Blair welcome, lesbians not

This video from Britain is called Sandi Toksvig Interview (1/2) FUNNY!

From daily The Guardian in Britain:

Sandi Toksvig: Save the Children fired me for being a lesbian

Comedian reveals that charity stopped her hosting anniversary event in 1990s to prevent Princess Anne meeting a lesbian

Lisa O’Carroll

Saturday 29 November 2014 15.00 GMT

Sandi Toksvig has revealed that Save the Children fired her from hosting their 75th anniversary celebrations in the 1990s because they did not want Princess Anne to meet a lesbian.

The comedian told listeners of her BBC 4 radio show The News Quiz that she had been an ambassador for the charity for years but was suddenly dropped because she was gay.

She had been due to front the Save the Children’s 75th anniversary celebrations in London which the Princess Royal was due to attend.

While joking with fellow quiz show panellists about the row over Save the Children in the US giving Tony Blair a “global legacy award”, Toksvig said: “It’s not the first time Save the Children have got things a little bit on the wrong side”.

“Twenty years ago I was an ambassador for them, I had been for some years, and then I came out in the newspapers.

“Four days before I was to host their massive conference in the Albert Hall, they phoned me up and they fired me – because they didn’t want Princess Anne to meet a lesbian,” she told listeners.

“Now, I’m going to guess, having been involved in the equine world, that she probably met one before,” Toksvig joked.

She said the charity told her the decision was confidential: “They told me not to tell anybody, they told me to keep it a secret. I don’t know what [they thought] … Save the Children, apart from the gay ones!”

When the incident happened in 1994, it was reported that the charity had asked her to withdraw after it was revealed that she was raising three children with her lesbian partner. …

The decision was reportedly taken by the charity’s trustees, prompting protests by lesbian supporters. It said at the time that Toksvig “might distract from the events of the day”.

It later apologised and admitted it had made the wrong decision.

The comedian has three children, and lives with her partner, Debbie Toksvig.

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