Big anti-nuclear weapons demonstration in Scotland

This 30 November 2014 video from Scotland is about the protest against Trident nuclear weapons at Faslane base.

By Malcolm Burns in Scotland:

1,500 join biggest Faslane march against nuclear weapons for 30 years

Monday 1st December 2014

The Scrap Trident demonstration at Faslane nuclear submarine base on the Clyde yesterday was the “biggest in three decades,” according to organisers.

Around 1,500 protestors marched from Faslane Peace Camp to the gates of the Trident submarine base to call for the weapons to be scrapped.

David Mackenzie of Scrap Trident told the Star: “This is the biggest Faslane demo I have seen in three decades.

“We were aware during the independence referendum that opposition to Trident seemed to be growing exponentially.

“This was the first real test of whether that is true — and it is clear there is a change afoot.”

Buses brought campaigners from all over Scotland, including several from Glasgow and Edinburgh, contingents from as far as the Borders, Fort William and even a minibus from Assynt in the north-west Highlands.

“There’s a feeling of the whole of Scotland being here today,” Mr Mackenzie said.

“Previously on weekend demos you would get a couple of hundred folk — but this is different.

“There is a massive age range too, with lots of young people — it’s not just all old peaceniks.”

The Scrap Trident coalition includes Scottish CND, Trident Ploughshares, Radical Independence Campaign, the Scottish Greens and the Scottish Socialist Party.

Mr Mackenzie said that a clear majority of the people in Scotland want to see Trident scrapped.

“Although opposition to Trident was a central part of the Yes campaign, which attracted 45 per cent of the vote, there was also a significant percentage of No voters who believe passionately that there is no place for Trident in Scotland,” he said.

“With spending on health, education, pensions and disability benefits being slashed we believe that squandering £100 billion on even more nuclear weapons is immoral and unreasonable and we call for Trident to be scrapped and human needs funded.”

The Faslane demo was the first of a series of actions by the coalition designed to ramp up pressure on Westminster MPs who will be taking the decision in 2016 of whether to go ahead with replacing the current Trident system.

A demonstration in Glasgow is planned for March 28 followed by a full blockade of the Faslane Trident base on April 13.

This video says about itself:

Great big noise at the gates of Faslane to say Scrap Trident 30 November 2014, as 1500 Scots say #TridentHastoGoNow. Next demo is 28 March in Glasgow. Then. The #BairnsNotBOMBS Big Blockade 13 April 2015. This is an uprising of the people’s desire to be rid of these horrible nuclear weapons. Let’s make it happen.

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