Rupert Murdoch whitewashes Egyptian history

This video is called Exodus: Gods and Kings | Official Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX.

From daily The Independent in Britain:

Rupert Murdoch has a solution for the Exodus: Gods and Kings controversy

Posted 3 hours ago by Matthew Champion

During the Leveson Inquiry, Rupert Murdoch told everyone that we shouldn’t take his tweets too seriously, but despite that he’s still a fairly prolific Twitter user, on a range of subjects.

Most recently he decided to dive in on the controversy sparked by Ridley Scott’s comments about casting for his biblical epic Exodus: Gods and Kings.

The film has been criticised for its predominantly and anachronistically white cast, criticism only inflamed by Scott’s comments that he would not have been able to get funding if he had cast “Mohammad So-and-So from Such-and-Such” instead of Christian Bale.

This was the cue for Murdoch, with rapier-like subtlety, to enter the debate.

He started digging…


Moses film attacked on Twitter for all white cast. Since when are Egyptians not white? All I know are.
2:07 AM – 29 Nov 2014



Everybody-attacks last tweet. Of course Egyptians are Middle Eastern, but far from black. They treated blacks as slaves.
2:22 AM – 29 Nov 2014

Oh, by the way, Exodus: Gods and Kings is distributed by 20th Century Fox, the parent company of which Rupert Murdoch is CEO and chairman of.

Rupert Murdoch shows his illiteracy about history by projecting the situation in the nineteenth century south of the USA backwards thousands of years earlier into ancient Egypt. Slavery in antiquity was not linked to any particular complexion or conquered country. In the Roman empire, some slaves were black Africans, yes; but many more were Germanic, Celtic or Greek Europeans. In ancient Egypt, a black African might be a slave; but he might be the king as well.

This video is called The Black Pharaohs – Nubian Pharaohs (Ancient Egypt History Documentary).

In a curt response to Murdoch’s tweets, the respected media diversity organisation Writers of Colour wrote simply: “Sigh.”: here.

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