New conservation green list

This video is called Part 1 of 6, Workshop 0245: IUCN Green List of Protected Areas.

From Wildlife Extra:

IUCN’s new green list celebrates successes

The IUCN has launched a new list, but this time it is one to aspire to be on as it celebrates conservation success not conservation failures. Called the Green List, it is the only global standard of good practice for protected areas, and aims to recognise and promote success in managing some of the most valuable natural areas on the planet.

So far there are 23 sites listed, from 50 put forward by eight countries. These include two protected areas in KenyaOl Pejeta Conservancy and Lewa Wildlife Conservancy – as well as others in Australia, South Korea, China, Italy, France, Spain and Colombia.

Nominated protected areas, says the IUCN “ will need to meet a full suite of minimum standards, including for conservation objectives, for legitimate establishment, for management effectiveness, for governance and for visitor experience before being listed.”

Paul Hotham, Fauna & Flora International (FFI) Eurasia Regional Director and head of FFI’s delegation at the Congress, said, “The Green List will define success for protected areas in much the same way that IUCN’s Red List of Threatened Species has highlighted the species most urgently in need of action.

“Conservation challenges in the 21st century continue to grow and we as a global community need to respond to these challenges, and contribute positively, both to the lives of others and to our natural world. The Green List will ensure that protected areas have real conservation impacts that benefit people, economy and the environment.”

Countries next in line for Green List assessment include Mexico, Croatia and several countries in North Africa and Micronesia.

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