Birds of Cyprus, new book

This video is called 10 years BirdLife Cyprus: Protecting Nature, Inspiring People.

From BirdLife:

Up-to-date inventory of Important Bird Areas of Cyprus now available

By Alessia Calderalo, Mon, 17/11/2014 – 14:53

A new publication by BirdLife Cyprus, Important Bird Areas of Cyprus, lists 34 sites as the most important for birds and other nature on the island.

BirdLife Cyprus recently released a new and updated version of their book Important Bird Areas of Cyprus, considered to be the most comprehensive, geographically complete and up-to-date catalogue of the most Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas (IBA) in the country.

The new publication is a revision of the third version of the inventory from 2004. In the same year Cyprus joined the EU and succeeded in aiding the Cypriot government in establishing a Natura 2000 network in Cyprus.

The book presents key areas that should enjoy legal protection and sympathetic management under EU nature protection directives. These 34 areas have been determined after extensive research and analysis carried out between 2010 and 2012.

Published with the generous support of the EEA Grants under the IBACareCY Project for the development of a network of IBA Caretakers in Cyprus, this book aims to promote the conservation of these important sites in Cyprus by inviting the reader – expert or not – to learn the importance of each site for birds, their general characteristics and the threats they face. The photographs of birds and landscapes in this book capture the beauty of our wonderful feathered wildlife and these precious sites.

The book also has a section for birdwatchers written by Jane Stylianou, which suggests seasonal itineraries to explore and enjoy these special wildlife sites.

Important Bird Areas of Cyprus can be found in an electronic form here.

For further information, please contact the main author, Martin Hellicar, Campaigns Manager at BirdLife Cyprus.

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