Socotra island, new film

This video is called Socotra: The Hidden Land – Official Trailer.

From the Daily Mail in Britain:

Ancient rituals, 800 rare species and one of Earth’s most alien landscapes: The exotic ‘lost world’ island where time stands still

Socotra: The Hidden Land offers a revealing look at the Yemeni territory
Archipelago has been called the Galapagos Islands of the Indian Ocean
It has around 800 rare species of flora and fauna
A third of all 80 species are found nowhere else on the planet
Islanders struggling to keep traditions while embracing modern society

12 thoughts on “Socotra island, new film

  1. Beautiful trailer, though it made me worry about their future with materialism. Presently I am in the Andes where the people are serene, tend the land, have little, yet the quality of their day is rich. I’ve witnessed in other areas where more money and foreigners come in, yes, they have more money, but they lose quality of life. They quite walking/biking and switch to motorcycles… they introduce chips and candies into their diets.. then obesity follows and more diet-related illness. I look forward to learning more about socotra island – thank you. z


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