Illegal dead animal collection discovery

This video is called PBS Nature 2012: Magic of the Snowy Owl.

Translated from ANP news agency in the Netherlands:

November 20, 2014 11:11

Police have found a home in Hoogeveen dozens of stuffed and frozen animals. Some of them were protected species. Snowy owls, an eagle owl and an African owl were found in the house. Police also found about seventy frozen animals including stone martens, badgers, polecats, stoats and goshawks. Fifty animals were seized.


The police found the illegal collection when they were looking for a marijuana plantation in the home. During the search it turned out that the man did not grow marijuana. The police think the man did not acquire the animals legally. Possession, buying or selling of stuffed protected species or of animals stuffed in an illegal way is punishable.

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