Britain’s national bird, voting continues

This video is called British Birds In Your Garden.

From the Vote National Bird Campaign in Britain:

We would like to thank you for sparing the time to vote in Britain’s first ever official National Bird Vote. We have had over 50,000 votes so far and there are some clear favourites emerging. Owing to the excitement caused by this campaign we have decided to extend the voting for another month until the 30th November 2014.

After that closing date the draw will be made to win some fabulous prizes!

A week in Shetland, the sexy Leica Trinovid binoculars, Bird Watching Magazine subscriptions and The Urban Birder t-shirts.

Also, as if they were not enough we are pleased to announce that as a voter in the Vote National Bird Campaign you can get a free Bird Watching Magazine download for your delectation.

Simply click on to claim your free copy.

So how is the vote going?

Well, perched on top of the pile is the Robin – which is no big surprise. Pecking at its heels is the Kingfisher, followed closely by the Barn Owl. Hot on their tails are the Blue Tit, Wren and in sixth place, the Blackbird.

At the end of the first round of voting the count will be made and the final six birds, as chosen by you, will be announced in the New Year. They will then go for public vote during the run up for the General Election with the final day of voting being May 7th, the actual day of the Election. Shortly after, we know who our next government [is] and also have our official National Bird.

How great is that!

There is still time to vote so tell your friends to get involved.

All the best,

The Vote National Bird Team

If you have images of any of the 60 candidates why don’t you share them with us and we will publish them on our Vote National Bird Facebook page.

Send them to

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