Orphan baby otters found at last

This video is about otters in Friesland province in the Netherlands.

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands today:

Foresters of the Forestry Commission and Natuurmonumenten are relieved: two young otters have been found in Hasselt. The otter mother was killed two weeks ago on the N331 road between Hasselt and Zwartsluis.

The rangers knew the female otter had pups, because milk came from the nipples of the dead animal. They did everything to find the orphaned animals. …

The Forestry Commission says on its website that the pups are about three months old and still cannot survive independently. It is, therefore, considered to be special that they survived the past 10 days. The baby otters have been brought to a shelter in Ureterp, near Leeuwarden.

Update: probably, the young otters survived by eating mussels. Things go fairly well with them now.

See also here.

18 thoughts on “Orphan baby otters found at last

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