Good migratory fish news

This video says about itself:

The Fishmigrationriver Afsluitdijk The Netherlands

3 February 2014

This video shows how the Fishmigrationriver Afsluitdijk works. A unique concept that will enable fish to migrate from the Wadden Sea to the IJsselmeer and back while preventing salt water to enter the freshwater basin.

The construction of the Afsluitdijk in 1932 resulted in an ecological disaster for the Wadden Sea and the Zuiderzee. The Zuiderzee‘s mix of brackish and salt water became purely fresh water. The tide disappeared. And also the migratory fish species suddenly found the route to their Zuiderzee spawning grounds blocked. These fish species used to mate in the brackish water of the Zuiderzee. After the Afsluitdijk was constructed, their populations collapsed.

The Directorate of Public Works and Water Management is now planning major maintenance works for the Afsluitdijk, starting in 2016. The dike will be strengthened and reinforced. Regional stakeholders are seizing this opportunity to put forward this plan for the restoration of the ecological balance. And, at the same time, to improve the quality of nature reserves and recreational areas.

No other country has anything like this Fishmigrationriver, although about 200 comparable situations exist throughout the world. By investing now in further development of the Fishmigrationriver, the Dutch water management sector will acquire unique expertise. This expertise can then be converted into a new export product.

Therefore, the Fishmigrationriver also has international potential.

Dutch daily Trouw reports today, 20 November 2014, that the fish migration river plan can go ahead. There will come a new energy plant at the Afsluitdijk as well, using tidal water current energy.

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