Nine big wildlife criminals wanted

Nine wildlife criminals

From Wildlife Extra:

Public asked to help catch nine prominent wildlife criminals

For the first time INTERPOL is calling on the public worldwide to help locate nine individuals wanted for serious environmental and wildlife crimes, and bring them to justice.

The nine are the first part of INTERPOL’s Operation Infra (International Fugitive Round Up and Arrest) Terra, which is focusing on 139 fugitives wanted by 36 member countries for environmental crimes, including illegal fishing, wildlife trafficking, illegal trade and disposal of waste, illegal logging and trading in illicit ivory. This is the first INTERPOL fugitive operation targeting individuals specifically wanted for crimes concerning the environment.

These include Feisal Mohamed Ali, who is alleged to be the ringleader of an ivory smuggling ring in Kenya. The other eight fugitives include Adriano Giacobone; Ahmed Kamran; Ariel Bustamante Sanchez; Ben Simasiku; Bhekumusa Mawillis Shiba; Nicolaas Antonius Cornelis Maria Duindam; Sergey Darminov; Sudiman Sunoto.

Ioannis Kokkinis, Criminal Intelligence Officer with INTERPOL’s Fugitive Investigative Support unit is encouraging the public to share any information with their local or national police or INTERPOL to help track down the fugitives.

“Even the smallest detail, which you might think is insignificant, has the potential to break a case wide open when combined with other evidence the police already have,” said Kokkinis.

“Sometimes all it takes is a fresh pair of eyes to bring new momentum to an investigation and provide the missing clue which will help locate these wanted individuals, some of whom have been evading justice for years.”

Support for the operation was offered by partners in the environmental field including the International Consortium on Combating Wildlife Crime (ICCWC), the Wildcat Foundation, USAID, the European Commission and the Norwegian Agency for Development Corporation.

“We believe that the capture of these criminals on the run will contribute to the dismantlement of transnational organised crime groups who have turned environmental exploitation into a professional business with lucrative revenues,” said Stefano Carvelli, Head of INTERPOL’s Fugitive Investigative Support unit.

Giraffe smuggler wanted by international police: here.

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